Over the last 20 years, falls have accounted for the single largest number of serious construction injuries and accidental death. Most of these deaths and injuries occured because fall protection was either missing, not implemented or not used. When fall protection is in place and used correctly, it saves lives.

The training goal is to provide the basic knowledge required to work safely in areas exposed to fall hazards. The objectives of this program are to enable users to:

  • recognize fall hazards

  • identify and apply fall protection controls, including fall prevention and fall arrest


The construction regulation defines confined spaces as places that are partially or fully enclosed and where dangerous physical and health safety hazards can accumulate. Apart from atmospheric hazards, workers must also be aware of the many additional health and safety hazards inside a confined space like chemical and biological residues, poor lighting, etc.

This four hour program is designed to raise awareness of confined space hazards and of the controls required by law to minimize the risk of death, serious illness, and injury.